1. How to manually mark an activity as completed:

Some activities have a special feature and must marked as completed before subsequent resources and course content can be accessed.

In some cases, these activities are automatically marked as completed when you access the resource and review the contents. Other times you may need to manually mark an activity completed by clicking the small box next to the name of the activity on the course page:

2. How to comment in a forum:

If a week or module has a discussion forum, you can access it by the link provided in the activities.

a) Forums in which only the teaching team can publish new topics: In these forums, the tutor will publish the first discussion post, to which the participants will respond. To respond, look for the "reply" button in the lower right corner of the tutor’s post. Clicking “reply” will open a text box where you can type your response and post it in the forum.

b) Forums where participants can add new topics: In this type of forum you will find topics proposed by the moderator and topics proposed by other participants, as well as the "Add a new discussion topic" button. Please keep in mind that if you do not see that button, it means you are in a forum where only the teaching team can publish new topics, and you will have to wait for the tutor to post first, as indicated in section a above.

The "Add a new discussion topic" button is especially important in the academic content forum, where you can ask the tutor questions about the delivery of exercises, and the publication of grades, etc.

3. How to upload files in a forum:

Participants can upload documents to forums. As you can see in the text box shown in question #2 of these FAQs, you can upload a document using the file manager. This can be done two ways: you can drag the file from your PC, or you can click where it says "file":

4. How to see the discussion posts from my group or section in a forum:

In many courses, INDES divides participants into smaller groups or sections to improve interaction during activities. If this is the case, you may need to select your group before being able to respond to the discussion. To do this, select your group in the tab located in the upper left area of the forum, just above the topics already posted:

5. How to send messages to other users (participants, tutors, etc.):

To access personal messages, go to the menu at the bottom of any page in the virtual classroom (the dark blue area) and find the "MENU". From “MENU” select the "Messages" option.

In the messaging area, you will find a drop-down menu in the upper left corner, where you can access "Recent conversations" or messages:

6. How to upload a file to an activity:

Access the classroom activity where you plan to upload your file and find the file manager at the bottom of the screen. If you press the "Add delivery" button, you will open the dialog box that allows you to select a file and upload it. Select the file you want from your computer and click the "Save changes" button:


7. How to complete a quiz:

In quiz-type activities, once you access the activity, you must press the "Try to solve the quiz now" button. That will give you access to the questions. At the end, click on the "Save changes" button:

8. How to upload a Turnitin type activity file:

To upload a file to a Turnitin type activity, you must access the activity and then click on the "My deliveries" tab. Next, complete the following steps:

  • 1. Write a title for your delivery.
  • 2. Select your file.
  • 3. Check the box indicating that you are accepting INDES terms of academic honesty, which you can review at this link.
  • 4. Submit the activity by clicking the "Add delivery" button.

After your activity has been submitted, Turnitin will create an originality report, which can take between 15 and 30 minutes to generate. Once the report is generated, it will display the originality percentage, and the exercise will then be graded by the tutor.

9. How to see the originality report and comments from the teaching team in a Turnitin activity:

1. Enter the activity, and click on the ¨My deliveries¨ tab.

2. Next, click on the pencil next to the rating.

3. Your browser will load a new screen, where you can see a percentage (eg: 23%): this is your originality percentage. The higher the percentage, the less authentic the document. The lower the percentage, the greater the original contents in your response:

10. How to see my grades:

In the blue menu strip located at the bottom of any page of the course, look for the "Course Administration" block, and then click on the "grades" option.



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