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Frequent Questions

1. I have interest in taking an online course, how do I access the INDES virtual class?

To access de INDES virtual classroom and register for a course, please click here.

2. Is it possible to get a scholarship in any of the INDES online courses?

You can find more information about such scholarships by clicking here.

3. When and how do I pay for a course?

After you have applied for a course, INDES will let you know about your selection to take the course a few weeks after your application. In case you have been selected, you will receive the information about paying for the course, and how to register for the course, as well as the respective deadlines.

4. What is the teaching methodology used in INDES tutor-led online courses?

You can find details about the methodology of our courses by clicking here.

5. What are the technical requirements I need in order to participate in an online course?

In order to participate in an online course you must have a computer with Internet connection. We recommend that participants have the following:

  • Connection: Access to high speed data network – not dial-up (wire, DSL, etc.)
  • Processor: Pentium IV 3.0 Ghz / equivalent or superior processor (a dual core processor recommended)
  • Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows 7 & 8 with the latest updates installed (updates available at: ), GNU/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.)
  • RAM Memory: 2+ Gigabytes RAM
  • Hard Disk: 120 Gb
  • Sound Card and speakers (headset (microphone, headphones) connected to the soundcard of the computer)
  • Monitor:Pantallacon 1024 x 728 píxeles de resolución o mejor
  • Software: install latest updates unless otherwise specified:

6. What are the responsibilities of participants, tutors and coordinators?

There are three different roles should be considered in the online courses in INDES: coordinators, instructors and participants

The course coordinator is frequently the one who has developed the course or has taken part in a team that has developed the course. Coordinators will have oversight of delivery and will be in communication with instructors. The coordinator might also take part in some class discussions if appropriate. Any changes in the course will be decided by the coordinator. The coordinator will review participants’ evaluations and academic certificates. S/he will intervene in possible appeals or disagreements between the instructor and participants. They will maintain communication with the coordinator of INDES online in case of violation of any of the INDES policies. In many cases, coordinators might also take the role of an instructor in a given course.

Each instructor has different responsibilities during course preparation and will play different roles during course delivery. The instructor is focused on the participants’ orientation, monitoring and interaction, through different tools available in the learning platform, such as instant messaging, forums and announcements. The instructor’s commitment during the course can be summarized as follows:
* Respond to messages within 24 hours during weekdays and within 48 hours during the weekend;
* Review submitted papers and provide feedback to participants within 3 days (72 hours);
* Notify a participant of losing his/her right to continue in the course in the case of not having adhered to his/her responsibilities as detailed in the participant section below;
* Provide guidance to participants in the course dynamics and facilitate exchanges among participants; and
* Provide information relevant to participant’s overall performance at the end of the course.

Participant responsibilities: Participants are responsible for their own learning process. They are expected to fulfill the following commitments:
* Access the course daily to keep informed of proposed course activities, lectures and tasks;
* Fulfill proposed task requirements by the established deadlines, both for individual and group activities;
* Keep the instructor informed about any exceptional circumstances, which may impede compliance with participant responsibilities in the course;
* Perform all required course work, individual as well as group activities;
* Actively participate in group activities. Group activity is obligatory. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in losing the right to access the classroom and the course
* Collaborate in the learning of other participants in the course, sharing experiences, ideas and lessons with the instructor-tutor and other participants

Any participant who fails to fulfill these commitments puts his/her achievement of the course objectives in jeopardy and may lose his/her right to access the classroom. Failure to comply with the following obligations will result in automatic suspension of said rights:
* Failure to access the classroom for more than one week
* Failure to participate in any group activities
* Failure to turn in or partial completion of three or more required activities
* Continued unacceptable behavior in the classroom after having been notified by the instructo and/or the course coordinator of this unacceptable behavior.

7. Do I need to be online at a certain time in order to complete any kind of coursework?

INDES virtual courses take place through the INDES ‘Aula Virtual’ platform in an asynchronous mode. Participants interact with instructors and peers via a web-based platform without any previously scheduled meeting time. There will be no face-to-face events, or any requirements for real time web-based activity.

8. How many hours a week should I plan to spend on an online course?

Each course has been designed to be completed in a predetermined number of hours. While the virtual classroom allows for flexible hours, you must commit to comply with the allotted timeframe for completing each module.

9. How will I receive my lessons, assignments, and tests?

IIn the Virtual Classroom you will find all of the necessary information that corresponds to your course; from the different area inside the class web space you can access learning materials, assignments, tests, and other relevant documents.

10. How can I ask questions or request clarifications?

You can ask your questions via the forums and messaging tool, as well as by emailing your instructor.

11. What type of certificate will I receive at the end of the course?

Upon completion of the INDES online course, participants receive a certificate according to the following conditions:

  • Certificate of course completion: If you meet the conditions for participation in the course and earn a grade between 65 and 90 points
  • Certificate of course completion with honors for excellence: If you meet the conditions for participation in the course and earn a grade above 90 points

Any participant who obtains a grade of less than 65 points will not be entitled to receive a certificate. In accordance with the provisions for online courses, the INDES certificates are in digital format and placed in the virtual classroom. You can download it print it in color and on cardstock if you wish so. On the other hand, if you need to verify the validity of the certificate, you may request verification by contacting INDES; we will confirm that you have completed the course. (We do not send print versions of certificates via mail.).

12. Does INDES have publications?

From 1995 to 2016, INDES has completed a number of publications, including books, case studies, and other work documents and publications. Click here to see a list of all INDES publications.

13. What is the INDES policy on refunds and/or course payment transfers?

  1. There are no refunds for virtual courses.
  2. Course payment transfer. If a participant request to transfer his/her course payment to participate in a future edition of a course due to circumstances beyond his/her control (ex. health issues, family issues), should consider the following:
  • Only the course coordinator along with Virtual Team will make the decision as to whether or not to grant him/her the transfer
  • Course payment transfers are reserved exclusively for those persons who find themselves in an unexpected situation, which prevents them from participating in the course
  • This privilege may only be used once and it will available for one year only
  • Accumulation of credits is not allowed
  • Depending on the course, a difference in course fees of a future edition to which the participant has transferred may apply.

14. What is the INDES policy for dismissing a participant from a virtual course?

Any participant who has failed to comply with the conditions above and any other expressed in the course syllabus may lose his/her right to continue accessing the virtual classroom. Failure to comply with any of the following conditions will result in immediate dismissal from the course and the participant may not be eligible for a course payment transfer:

  1. Failure to complete two of the mandatory evaluated activities;
  2. Failure to access the virtual classroom during the timeframe established in the course syllabus;
  3. Continues to demonstrate inappropriate behavior in the virtual classroom after having received notification about this issue from the instructor and/or course coordinator.

15. How can I find information about future courses?

If you would like to receive information about future courses, please register for our E-Alerts, or visit us on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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