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Users are asking

What type of certificate will I receive at the end of the course?

Upon completion of the INDES online course, participants receive a certificate according to the following conditions:

Certificate of course completion: If you meet the conditions for participation in the course and earn a grade between 65 and 90 points

Certificate of course completion with honors for excellence: If you meet the conditions for participation in the course and earn a grade above 90 points

Any participant who obtains a grade of less than 65 points will not be entitled to receive a certificate. In accordance with the provisions for online courses, the INDES certificates are in digital format and placed in the virtual classroom. You can download it print it in color and on cardstock if you wish so. On the other hand, if you need to verify the validity of the certificate, you may request verification by contacting INDES; we will confirm that you have completed the course. (We do not send print versions of certificates via mail.).

Is it possible to get a scholarship in any of the INDES online courses?

You can find more information about such scholarships by clicking here.

When and how do I pay for a course?

After you have applied for a course, INDES will let you know about your selection to take the course a few weeks after your application. In case you have been selected, you will receive the information about paying for the course, and how to register for the course, as well as the respective deadlines.

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