Course image Regulation & Technological Innovation: Opportunities, Challenges and Emerging Approaches (2nd Edition)
Modernization of the State or Innovation and Public Management

New technologies are evolving so fast that regulators struggle to keep pace: the insufficiency of current regulatory instruments is as evident as the need for effective rules in a world in constant flux. Future decision-makers need to master a new toolkit to foster more agile, adaptive regulation in times of constant disruption and increasingly frequent emergencies.

By taking this course, you can learn how regulators are coping with the interplay between regulation and innovation, and how new regulatory tools are being designed and implemented around the world. You will also learn what it takes to become a policy leader in your field, and understand the use of instruments such as regulatory sandboxes, the use of big data in regulation, rules for digital platforms and emerging approaches to market liberalization. You will also discuss several case studies from different regulated sectors, which will help you at once explore existing experiences around the world, and debate important legal, policy and ethical concerns with a group of peers. The course is an interactive learning journey, mixing personalized training according to your domain of professional expertise with inter-disciplinary, collaborative learning with your peers and colleagues, and live, interactive sessions with the course instructor.

The instructors are Andrea Renda and Lucia Bosoer from European University Institute (EUI).

This course is a result of the collaboration between Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and European University Institute (EUI) teams.

Course image CASA
Modernization of the State or Innovation and Public Management

The CAsA Pilot Program is a new IDB initiative aiming to help build or strengthen the foreign currency asset management institutional capacity of our region's Central Banks and Official Institutions.

CAsA Pilot Program participants not only would benefit from IDB's asset management capabilities, but also gain access to capacity-building opportunities for their staff and advisory opportunities to adopt leading practices in the industry.

CAsA Pilot Program participation will be limited to five member-country Central Banks or Official Institutions.

Course image Financing Projects with Resources from the European Union: Training for Executing Agencies
Modernization of the State or Innovation and Public Management

This course is designed for the team members of Executing Agencies. It provides an overview of the special requirements for the implementation of projects financed or co-financed with resources from the European Union (EU), under the Framework Agreement between the IDB and EU. After completing this course, participants will be able to describe their roles and responsibilities in projects financed or co-financed with EU resources. They will also be able to execute the tasks of these projects according to the corresponding rules.

(ES) Este curso está diseñado para los miembros del equipo de las Agencias Ejecutoras. Proporciona una descripción general de los requisitos especiales para la implementación de proyectos financiados o cofinanciados con recursos de la Unión Europea (UE), en el marco del Acuerdo Marco entre el BID y la UE. Después de completar este curso, los participantes podrán describir sus roles y responsabilidades en proyectos financiados o cofinanciados con recursos de la UE. También podrán ejecutar las tareas de estos proyectos de acuerdo con las reglas correspondientes.

For technical support, please contact ext. 1111 / Para soporte técnico, por favor contactar ext. 1111

Course image IEEM and evidence-based investment and public policy design
Modernization of the State or Innovation and Public Management

It is a self-paced course, in which you will find a series of resources and learning activities arranged in a staggered order, from the appropriation of conceptual knowledge to a level of application of the integrated environmental-economic model IEEM, a tool that will allow you to analyze public and investment policies, with an emphasis on natural capital.

Also, there are included, as didactic support, three different models, IEEM and two other simpler ones (simple EGC and mini-IEEM). With the three models, you can analyze different economic scenarios, through a friendly interface called ISIM, to define possible scenarios, calibrate the model, run simulations and interpret results.

The ISIM interface is an Excel add-in that will allow you to interact with the GAMS software to solve the IEEM systems of equations.

The approximate time of dedication to the course is approximately 30 total hours.

Course image IEEM y el diseño de políticas públicas e inversiones basadas en la evidencia
Modernization of the State or Innovation and Public Management

Curso Autoguiado, en el que encontrará una serie de recursos y actividades de aprendizaje dispuestos en orden escalonado, desde la apropiación de conocimiento conceptual hasta un nivel de aplicación del modelo económico ambiental integrado IEEM, una herramienta que le permitirá analizar políticas públicas y de inversión, con énfasis en el capital natural. 

Se incluyen también, como apoyo didáctico tres diferentes modelos, IEEM y otros dos más sencillos (simple de EGC y mini-IEEM). Con los tres modelos podrá analizar diferentes escenarios económicos, a través una interfaz amigable llamada ISIM, para definir escenarios posibles, calibrar el modelo, ejecutar simulaciones e interpretar resultados.

La interfaz ISIM, es un complemento de Excel que le permitirá la interacción con el software GAMS para resolver los sistemas de ecuaciones de IEEM.

El tiempo aproximado de dedicación al curso es de aproximadamente 30 horas totales.