Information and Requirements

Administrative Information

  • Registration Process: before applying for an INDES Course, candidates must review the course information, including the course requirements and the intended target audience, so they understand clearly if they have such requirements. Also they must follow registration and payments deadlines. Under no circumstances will another person be permitted to participate on behalf of someone else.
  • Withdrawing from a course: Failure to meet course requirements (established in the Learning Guide) by the participant may result in the loss of his/her right to access the Virtual Classroom. Any of the following situations could potentially lead to an automatic suspension of access to the Virtual Classroom: (I) Failure of two mandatory assessment activities; (ii) Inactivity in the Virtual Classroom during the period specified in the Learning Guide; (iii) Participant demonstrates inappropriate behavior in the Virtual Classroom.
  • Certificates: after successful completion of the course, INDES will issue a certificate in accordance with the following conditions:

    • Course Certificate of Achievement: participant has completed the course with a final course grade greater than 65 and below 90 points.
    • Course Certificate of Achievement with Honors: participant has completed the course with a final course grade equal or greater than 90 points.

Participants who have not reached 65 points in the final course grade, will not be granted any certificate. Certificates issued by INDES are in digital format and they are uploaded in Virtual Classroom, and participants will be able to download them directly and print them. This digital format Certificate is the original document that INDES provides. In case you need any further verification, please contact INDES directly.

Note: completing the previous knowledge test, the post knowledge test and the satisfaction survey is an essential requirement to receive the Course Certificate of Achievement.

Payment Information

  • Payments: only participants who have been selected and notified are allowed to make Course Payments. Participants who make payment via Stripe will receive a US$20 discount of the total amount of the Course. Participants who make payments via bank deposit have to pay in full.
  • Scholarships: INDES offers partial scholarships for its online Courses. Candidates who meet the requirements to be beneficiary of a scholarships must answer the question indicated in the specific Course application to be evaluated by an INDES panel. For further information please click on the following link: (,18536.html )
  • Refund: any payment made for Virtual Courses is reimbursement, incluiding retirements and leaves

Academic Information

  • Participación:la dedicación estimada semanal para el desarrollo de las actividades programadas será de aproximadamente entre 10 y 12 horas. El participante no podrá ausentarse del aula virtual más de una semana y deberá formar parte activa en las actividades grupales e individuales de cada módulo.
  • Evaluación:la evaluación de los participantes se realizará de forma continua durante todo el curso, a través de la revisión de los trabajos, actividades y participación en los debates.
  • Calificación:las actividades de cada curso tienen una calificación determinada y un peso específico sobre el total de la calificación final. Esta información está localizada en la Guía de Aprendizaje de cada curso.
  • Cuestionarios de conocimientos previos y posteriores:los participantes deberán realizar un cuestionario de conocimientos al inicio y finalización del curso. Este cuestionario es requisito indispensable para poder iniciar el curso y recibir la certificación al finalizar el mismo.
  • Política de Plagio:el INDES cuenta con una estricta política de plagio. La herramienta de control que está instalada en en el aula virtual es Turnitin. Se le ofrecerá más información al respecto una vez comience el curso.

Technical Requeriments

It is recommended that participants count on the following technological and computing tools:

Computer Monitor: Minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels