Social Impact Assessment (or SIA) is the process of analyzing, monitoring, and managing the social consequences of a planned intervention, such as a program, project, plan, or policy. The SIA process should be reflected in project decision-making at all stages of a project cycle, to maximize the benefits and minimize the social cost of an intervention.  

The SIA process includes specific milestones, deliverables, reports, and plans at appropriate times during the project cycle.  

In this course, you will learn about the ten elements of an SIA and how to use them during the preparation and implementation of your project. The objective of the course is to effectively evaluate if the elements of a Social Impact Assessment have been implemented in a project in accordance with the guidelines presented in Section I of the international good practice, Social Impact Assessment: Integrating Social Issues in Development Projects, prepared by the IADB in 2018.

The course summarizes international good practice. It discusses the rationale, principles, and recommended approach in undertaking an SIA, stressing that the SIA is a process that should be included in project preparation, implementation, and monitoring, rather than a single study or report. It clarifies that the level of effort and content involved in undertaking an SIA should be proportionate to project risk, scale, and complexity. It also describes the ten elements of an SIA, with strong emphasis on risk identification and management.


The Social Impact Assessment Course (SIA) is primarily intended for executing agencies and environmental and social specialists on project teams. The course is intended to provide guidance to public sector authorities and staff in potentially high-risk investment projects.

Minimum technical requirements to be met by the participant:

• Acrobat software for viewing and downloading documents;

• Have a reliable internet connection;

• Own and manage a personal email account;

• Good command of English, both written and spoken

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Starting date: January  1, 2023

Completion deadline: April 30, 2023

Content : 3 Modules

Time commitment: 2 hours

Course approval: A grade of 70% or better.

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